New Vegas Follow Up | LOTSO 21

New Vegas Follow Up | LOTSO 21

The guys still have a ton to say about Fallout New Vegas! Plus we share our thoughts regarding some new games to hit the iPad, Ryan stops by with a Fable III review, and update you on Xbox Kinect!

Plus much more!

All that and more on this episode of LOTSO!

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Microsoft ups Kinect estimate to 5 million

Rage On iPhone Is In Our Hands And Looks Damn Good
The Co-Creator Of Doom Knows His Limits, And The iPad’s [Id Software]

Game play video.

id’s John Carmack Wants to Make XBLA Kinect Game
Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 Hands On: Mobile Levels Up
Call of Duty: Black Ops Sets New Five-Day Entertainment Sales Record

360 Live iPhone/iPad app & 360 Live Android too
Bungie secret project

Grab Bag Segment:
Fable III Review

Fable III Video
More videos:
The First 15 Minutes

Fable 3 DLC

Fallout New Vegas DLC

New Vegas DLC is 360 exclusive ‘for now’

Fallout New Vegas is buggy but we dont seem to care. Why?

Fallout Online Beta Sign-up

Fallout: New Vegas follow-up review Video

Chris Predicting Justin’s RRoD?

Many thanks to Rikai, our show producer from the live chat room:


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