Then They Fight You | Plan B 8

Then They Fight You | Plan B 8

The funding methods around Bitcoin are under attack, and we chat with’s managing editor about what this means for the future of Bitcoin, and more.

Plus picking the right wallet for offline cold storage, a look at BitAngels the distributed Bitcoin angel fund, our concerns with Ripple, your emails, and much more!


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Although OKPAY themselves provided no rationale for their decision, OKPAY’s trust in the viability of bitcoin in their system may have been shaken after an OKPAY user reported on that they had successfully double-spent over 211 BTC to OKPAY and a seperate address controlled by the user during the block chain fork of 12 March 2013. The same user also reported that an approximately 65 BTC he had sent separately to OKPAY was not successfully credited to the appropriate account. Somewhat of a standoff ensued, but was resolved with OKPAY refunding the 65 BTC only after the customer returned the double-spent 211 BTC. OKPAY support staff confirmed the situation on a forum thread started by the double-spender.

We now have our first answer from FinTRAC. Generally, it views bitcoin exchanges as entities that do not have to register, identify clients, and report under the money services business rules.

Primer Interest Producer Bob English and Perianne traveled to the Bitcoin conference in San Jose, California over the weekend. They got a chance to speak to many of the movers and shakers in the up and coming crypto-currency realm. Bob interviewed Chris Larsen, CEO and co-founder of OpenCoin, which is developing Ripple.

BitAngels is launching (what it believes to be) the first multi-city angel network and incubator created to invest exclusively in cryptocurrency startups. Fittingly, in the spirit of Bitcoin, it\’s a distributed network of angels and entrepreneurs and one that was hacked together in a few days after the Bitcoin 2013 Conference.

BitAngels brings together a posse of angel investors who are looking to help entrepreneurs turn their Bitcoin side projects into full-time jobs. To do that, the angel network pooled together about $6.7 million in Bitcoin, which it will invest in approximately $20K chunks.

BitAngels is not a formal fund, so the Bitcoins are soft-circled, not in escrow, but all 60 angels that have joined thus far (the number of angels has almost doubled in the past week) are all accredited investors with extensive experience investing and, naturally, have a lot of Bitcoin.

Trace Mayer on Prime Interest May 24, 2013.

Greg Managing Editor of The Genesis Block.COM

  • DHS Inquiry Leads to Lowest USD/Bitcoin Trading Volume In Months
    > Bitcoin trading volume has plummeted since news broke that the Department of Homeland Security issued a seizure warrant that stopped all activity between Dwolla and the Mt. Gox exchange. As of today, the 5-Day moving average of USD trading volume is at the lowest level in at least a year and a half (the data is a bit spotty beyond that), other than the last week in December 2012.

In addition to total market volume declining, Mt. Gox is losing footing as the dominant player in the space. As of May 17, Gox was doing roughly 81% of total USD bitcoin volume. Today they did just 59%.

Yesterday we wrote about the low volatility after Mt. Gox\’s accounts were seized. The following graph from that article illustrates how we haven\’t seen volatility this low on Mt. Gox since December of 2012.

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