Bitcoin Will Disrupt Big Media | Plan B 9

Bitcoin Will Disrupt Big Media | Plan B 9

The best of Bitcoin podcasting join forces to discuss how Bitcoin could potentially disrupt the big media monopolies and fund a new generation of independent honest content, controlled by its audience.

Plus more challenges facing Mt. Gox, fixing Bitcoin’s infrastructure problem, and the quiet little Litecoin hack no one is talking about.


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That means bitcoin exchanges like Tradehill would have to register as a money transmitter with the federal government. That is the easy part, says Kenna, requiring little more than a single page form. The hard part is getting the relevant licence in each US state. They all have different rules, and some (sources single out New York and California) are particularly difficult.

Time (at least a little of it) is on Tradehill\’s side, however. Even though the FinCEN guidance came into immediate effect, it only applies to businesses 180 days after they begin trading in bitcoin. This gives it until mid-September to get its paperwork in order.

In the real world, if you lose your credit card, checkbook, or even bank account log-on password, your money isn\’t gone. In fact there are lots of services and laws to protect you and your money. Not so in the e-currency world — check out a statement posted on a Bitcoin Wiki Faq regarding the potential loss of Bitcoins: \”Consider it a donation to all other bitcoin users.\”

Ultimately, most e-currencies possess the security of whatever your email address and password is. If hackers break into your computer, learn your password — or even break in and steal all your money at the bank — it will be replaced fairly quickly. This is absolutely not true of e-currency sites.

I\’m not saying that e-currency schemes are evil. And I\’m not saying fiat money is perfectly trusted or protected — the runaway inflation that led to wheelbarrows of money being exchanged in Weimar Germany come to mind. I\’m just saying that by comparison, over the long run, there is no comparison. The trust equation isn\’t even close.

“That committee has chosen to grow its balance sheet by $85 billion per month, to well above $3 trillion in total, by monetizing US Treasury and Agency debt. Accordingly, the long term outlook for the value of the USD will be subject not only to the supply of new money, but also bubbles caused by synthetic support for state-favored asset classes, and record high national debt.”

“In a world of increasing global communication and trade, a nation-agnostic currency would solve many of the problems we’ve seen repeated throughout history and potentially ease the associated international tensions. An asset for which the value is determined solely by international demand, immune to influence from central planners, is a necessary step forward towards a free market.”

“Suspected fake miners were clocking at up to150MH/s for 3-4 days. We suspect more cheaters were involved over the past 3-4 days which could have been at least partially to blame for the pools bad luck.”

“During deployment of the fix, we logged changes in valid hash rates. The biggest detected confirmed cheater was Cryptopower who went from 30MH/s to 1MH/s”

“After some deliberation and discussion with Technocash, an Australian service for Mt. Gox customer account funding and withdrawals, it has been decided that our customers in Australia will no longer be able to deposit and withdraw funds in AUD using Technocash starting June 15th, 2013.”

Writer & Speaker with a passion for explaining complicated topics in understandable terms.

He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Let\’s Talk Bitcoin!

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