FBI Wants a Backdoor | Unfilter 53

FBI Wants a Backdoor | Unfilter 53

The FBI has started their campaign to make the Internet wiretap friendly which proposes backdoors built into all network services, using existing laws on the books, we’ll break it down.

The Gun Control Debate has pivoted from the utility of high capacity weapons, to a war on mental health. This week we’ll demonstrate how the media is quietly changing to national conversation right out from underneath us.

Plus Turkey erupts in protest, we’ll explain why are 100s of thousands of people taking to the streets, cover your feedback, and much much more!

On this week’s Unfilter.

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— Show Notes —

Turkey protests

Pamela Falk, CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst, joins UTTM to discuss violent anti-government demonstrations in Turkey. Protestors say the government has become to authoritarian.

Activists on Wednesday presented a list of demands they said could end days of anti-government demonstrations that have engulfed Turkey, as trade unions joined in the outpouring of anger, shouting slogans and wielding banners calling on the prime minister to resign.

Turkey has bought $21 million in tear gas and pepper spray – mainly from US and Brazil – over the past 12 years, Turkish media reported.

FBI pushes for wiretap-friendly Internet

A new wiretap bill backed by the FBI has many Internet companies concerned that this new proposed legislation will open the floodgates to all Internet communication. The new motion will expand wiretapping designs significantly and includes the ability for law enforcement to gain access to emails and features like video chats.

President Obama gave an influential speech on counter terrorism and national security policy last week, and while much of the media coverage discussed the President remarks on Guantanamo prison and drone strikes, buried in the speech was a line just as critical to civil liberties online.

Half way through the speech, Obama said he wanted to “review[] the authorities of law enforcement, so we can intercept new types of communication, and build in privacy protections to prevent abuse.”

Requiring real-time back doors into all of our communications would make those kinds of attacks easier. Recently, a group of more than a dozen of the nation’s best cybersecurity experts published a paper explaining why such a proposal would be a disaster for Internet security, giving hackers all over the world a central point of vulnerability to target.

Cyber tension flares between the US and China, as president Obama gets set to confront Chinese leader Xi Jingping over hacker attacks on American military networks. Meanwhile, reports say Washington’s launched massive preparations for an all out cyber war. In another sign cyber warfare has stepped from the pages of science fiction – NATO recently released a manual on the international law applicable to digital warfare.

China’s top Internet security official says he has “mountains of data” pointing to extensive U.S. hacking aimed at China, but it would be irresponsible to blame Washington for such attacks, and called for greater cooperation to fight hacking.

“They advocated cases that they never let us know about,” Huang said in comments on Tuesday and carried by the government-run China Daily newspaper on Wednesday.

“Some cases can be addressed if they had talked to us, why not let us know? It is not a constructive train of thought to solve problems.”

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The War on our Minds

An insanity plea means the trial’s outcome will hinge not on questions of whether Mr. Holmes carried out the mass shooting, but rather on his mental condition at the time.

In the weeks ahead, a psychiatric expert will pore over thousands of pages of evidence, including interviews on digital discs and evaluations of Mr. Holmes at a state mental health institute in Pueblo, in Southern Colorado. That examination is likely to take until at least early August.

Now 21, Blaec Lammers sits in the Polk County Jail, charged with three felony counts, including making a terrorist threat. He may face a life sentence. His parents say it could jhave been much worse,

In Washington, D.C. to help raise awareness of mental health issues, actress Glenn Close – founder of “BringChange2Mind” – told CBS News correspondent Major Garrett she believes national dialogue will soon shift toward increased tolerance for those who suffer from mental illnesses, because “there are too many of us affected by it.”

Adrian Lamo Takes Stand in Manning Trial

Adrian Lamo, a convicted hacker, said he started chatting online with Manning on May 20, 2010, and alerted law enforcement the next day about the contents of the soldier’s messages, including his mention of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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In perhaps the first bit of “technological research” to involve flying pepperoni, Domino’s has developed a drone capable of delivering pizzas.

In perhaps the first bit of “technological research” to involve flying pepperoni, Domino’s has developed a drone capable of delivering pizzas.


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