World Changing Fail | J@N | 12.2.10

World Changing Fail | J@N | 12.2.10

Tonight’s show is going to be a smorgasbord of internet failures of several types. We promised to talk to you about NASA’s “gigantic ground-breakingly awesome and totally not lame” announcement they had planned for today, and we’ll do so. Then we’ll tell you why it FAILED SO HARD.

And speaking of big announcements and failures, OnLive today announced their new “unlimited play” plan. Wah wah. But hey, yknow, we still think OnLive is rad, and we’re gonna tell you why. Then we’ll tell you about a major game-changer that’s landed in Star Trek Online, which we’ll spend our weekend playing with, AND we’ll tell you why this has the potential to change the landscape of online gaming in general.

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NASA’s BIG Announcement

  • They found microbes in a lake HERE ON EARTH that have arsenic in their protein structure in the place of phosphorous.
  • This is akin to the science-fiction theory that lifeforms could thrive replacing carbon with silicon due to their structural similarities on a molecular level.  Until now, only a theory with no evidence.
  • Kinda neat, but you have to be a MAJOR biology-nut to get wood over this. Totally over-hyped.
  • Plus, rumor from our audience says “they already discovered this a long time ago.”

On-Live’s BIG Announcement

  • An “unlimited” membership option called the PlayPack for $9.99/mo.
  • Goes well with the release of their microconsole that came out today.
  • Their game library is still sub-par.
  • AND this new option does NOT include new releases.
  • BUT, OnLive is still neat, and could seriously impact the future of online gaming, if they get a few things in line:  Additional titles, 1080p support.  Another major limitation that’s beyond their control for now, bandwidth requirements.

Star Trek Online’s BIG Announcement

  • The Foundry has launched into Open Beta!
  • It is a toolset that allows subscribers to the game to create their own missions for other players to experience.
  • It’s extremely robust. Actually more options than I assumed it would have, and therefore more confusing than I thought it would be.
  • FAIL:  It caused repeated server crashes, and has been brought offline for revision. No ETA on re-launching the feature.
  • WIN:  No other online game offers such a robust content creation toolset. This could revolutionize what players expect from future MMOGs.


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