Pining for Tux | CR 54

Pining for Tux | CR 54

Mike and Chris discuss the tough choices that have to be made when the hardware or software you depend on, is killed by the creator.

Plus a few more thoughts on the OUYA, the PS4 impresses but Mike’s cautious, your emails, and much more!

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  • Bill from episode 10 asks:

Afraid attaching myself too much into one language maybe isn\’t the best thing for a newbie
programmer. And if i learned many things from a language i despised (java), i imagine it\’s in my best interested to try a new language as well.

Start more projects in C or try some ruby / python / go? (if i go to a new language, i\’m leaning at GO)”

  • Kyle asks about the Go language for desktop apps
  • Daniel asks “what happened with the Ouya”


Revisiting the OUYA

OUYA has just released a brand new firmware update in time for E3 (yes, E3 madness continues) that brings about some much needed new features and improvements.

Indie Devs Hope for PS4 Love

Indie publisher and developer Curve has issued an official press release to declare its \’focus on PS4 development\’ following \”the lack of independent support currently announced from Microsoft and the Xbox One.\”

We also reaffirmed our dedication to independent developers and their ability to self-publish on PlayStation. We\’ve increased our efforts in a huge way to bring unique gaming experiences to PlayStation platforms, and as we just revealed, we have an excellent lineup of games coming to the PlayStation 4 from the indie development community.

Oops! I’ve built my business around an abandoned platform!

High-speed ports mean that Apple is moving expansion outside the chassis for its high-end machines. It\’s a departure for the Mac Pro, but it\’s in line with decades of Apple thinking.

Yes, you can connect USB 3.0 drives, Thunderbolt hard drives, and PCIe to Thunderbolt expansion boxes to the new Mac Pro. Expansion boxes like the ones from Sonnet and OWC let you pull the video input or graphics output card to your Thunderbolt Mac. They can also let you connect multiple eSATA drives to a Thunderbolt Mac if your company has standardized on eSATA drives.

Sony has demonstrated a convincing commitment to indie at its E3 press conference, calling numerous independent developers to the stage as it insisted that small studios and self publishing are vital to the PlayStation 4.

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