The Dev Jungle | CR 57

The Dev Jungle | CR 57

The guys bust some myths around outsourcing, and insourcing development work. Striking a balance when trying to codify better practices in the workplace, sticking with good old tech for bad reasons…

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  • Nehemiah’s Email: Leader of the Dev Ops Revolution
  • Cary asks if Mike’s ever been in a situation where coders reject progress — uses Python3 as an example.
  • Kevin’s email
  • Mike and NDA’s
  • Donald is concerned about getting a job in the software industry out of uni.

Importing Outsourcing:

\”There\’s a tremendous shortage of skilled workers,\” said Craig Giffi, a vice chairman of the consulting firm Deloitte. A recent survey it did found that 83% of manufacturers reported a moderate or severe shortage of skilled production workers to hire.

\”We are creating unfilled jobs,\” said Microsoft chief counsel Brad Smith, speaking at a forum on immigration policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. \”We have a shortage.\”

Smith said Microsoft currently has 6,000 openings, 3,400 of which are for software engineers, developers, programmers, and the like. He said Microsoft can\’t fill many of the positions because it is unable to find enough applicants with the high-tech skills it needs in key areas like cloud computing and mobility.

\”It\’s a problem that\’s approaching dimensions of a genuine crisis,\” said Brad Smith, Microsoft executive vice president and general counsel.

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