Winklevoss Woes | Plan B 14

Winklevoss Woes | Plan B 14

The media has Bitcoin in it’s sights this week as they take a good laugh at the Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin Fund plans. But are the eye-rolls justified? We’ll dig in.

Plus the big change up at the Bitcoin Foundation, darknet Bitcoin exchanges, the new generation of merchants accepting Bitcoin, your emails and more!


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New Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation

Jon Matonis has served as an advocate for the Bitcoin currency and a source of insight for cryptocurrencies and general matters of finance and politics. Prior to assuming his position as Executive Director, Jon Matonis served on the Board of Directors for the Bitcoin Foundation. He currently is a regular contributor to Forbes and is the editor of The Monetary Future economics blog and has not only a passion for but understanding of the ins and outs of the Bitcoin currency.

Jon serves as a member of the Bitcoin Magazine Editorial Board and has contributed articles to the print magazine and website. Prior to getting heavily involved in the Bitcoin currency, Jon served as the CEO of Hushmail and Chief FX Dealer at Visa. Prior to accepting his new appointment of Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Jon was a board member holding the officer role of board secretary.

One of my primary near-term objectives for the Foundation is to
become more inclusive of the various constituencies within the global
bitcoin community.

This will involve being more responsive to and
communicative with member requests. It will also involve being more open
to internationalization.

Currently, 60% of the Foundation\’s membership
is non-US based and we need to do a better job behaving like a global
organization. To this end, we will hold the next Bitcoin conference
outside of the United States and we will sign on local Foundation
chapters in several countries where interested parties have taken the
lead on expanding the principles of Bitcoin in their region.

Flattr Adds Bitcoin Support

Apparently the great community around Bitcoins wants us to add Bitcoin funding, the nagging has sometimes been skilled like that of an old lady.

As you asked for it. You got it! We are happy to tell you that you can now fund your account with Bitcoins. Just pick Bitcoin on the \”Add funds\” page.

Butterfly Labs Disappoints Again

We are into September 20, 2012 with Jalapeno orders. Not all through that date have shipped, however.

TOR ATM/Hidden Exchanges Set to Flourish

Winklevoss Twins Stirring it Up

Over the years, fund industry watchers have laughed about a lot of wild investment ideas.

So when the fund observers started laughing recently after seeing the registration papers for the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust — a new exchange-traded product that faces a lengthy vetting process from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission — the question was which laugh, first or last, will be the better one here, and who will get the final guffaw.

Regardless of your view on bitcoin as an investment, the product proposed by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss would give a new world of potential investors the ability to make that decision for themselves — exactly as an ETF is intended to do.

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