Call In 2.0 | CR 60

Call In 2.0 | CR 60

Celebrating 60 episodes we take live calls from our audience and chat about the topics are their minds. Then we follow up on the indie developer Xbox One situation, read your feedback, and more!

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  • Nehemiah and many others agree that Canonical should buy System76, or launch an effort that focuses on desktop.

Call in Ground Rules

  • One call per person
  • One or 0 plugs per person
  • Keep tech questions broad

Missed your chance to call? Leave us a voicemail:

  • 1 (425) 374-4847

Call in Topics

  • Ubuntu Edge
  • Web dev platforms
  • Apple outage
  • Your dev workflow
  • JavaFX
  • PHP
  • Azure
  • Unity3D
  • More

Follow UP:

Each $500 unit purchased at retail this holiday will also run in-progress game code, enabling developers to get in on the action all the more affordably (debug versions of game consoles cost far more than retail game consoles, and tend to look slightly different from their retail counterparts). \”Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development,\” Xbox corporate VP Marc Whitten said in a statement.

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