The Big Picture Perspective | Plan B 18

The Big Picture Perspective | Plan B 18

We’re joined by guest Adam B. Levine to discuss his new project to reinvent funding online with Bitcoin, the meta themes he took away from the recent Inside Bitcoins conference, and the big Bitcoin story this week that turned out to be fake.

Then we open up the lines and answer your hard questions, debate the future of Litecoin and more!


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Adam from Lets Talk Bitcoin!

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Famed Trader Joe Lewis is not investing in Avalon

\”I have no investments whatsoever in any Bitcoin ventures,\” said Lewis.

Investor Joe Lewis isn\’t investing in a bitcoin venture called Avalon and doesn\’t lead a Zurich-based private-equity fund called the Phoenix Fund. An article on the supposed investment was inaccurately published and has been removed. The Comments posted in response to the erroneous article have also been removed.

Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin) Joins Coinbase

Charlie was previously an engineer at Google working on Google Play Games, Chrome OS, and YouTube. Charlie is probably best known as the creator of Litecoin, the most popular Bitcoin derivative.

What Coinbase has done is to take these very small transactions off the blockchain — they are only possible between two Coinbase accounts, so they don\’t need to bother the overall Bitcoin ledger. Once the payee (perhaps a publisher who might use a service such as Bitwall to accept payments on its site) has accumulated a minimum of 0.01 bitcoins (roughly $1) through micropayments, they can then \”send it back on the blockchain\”

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