FizzBuzzed! | CR 62

FizzBuzzed! | CR 62

Hiring can be a real pain in the butt. The guys share the horror stories from interviews they’ve conducted that went horribly wrong. Plus a few tips for getting a gig.

Then the guys chew on the dev hoopla of the week, and read some great emails.

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Dev World Hoopla

Infosys allegedly achieved this ratio \”by directly discriminating against individuals who are not of South Asian decent in hiring, by abusing the H-1B visa process to bring workers of South Asian descent into the country rather than hiring qualified individuals already in the United States, and by abusing the B-1 visa system to bring workers of South Asian descent into the United States to perform work not allowed by their visa status rather than hiring individuals already in the United States to perform the work.\” Infosys \”used B-1 visa holders because they could be paid considerably lower wages than other workers including American-born workers,\” the lawsuit states.


The \”Fizz-Buzz test\” is an interview question designed to help filter out the 99.5% of programming job candidates who can\’t seem to program their way out of a wet paper bag.
The text of the programming assignment is as follows:

Fizz buzz (also known as bizz buzz, or simply buzz) is a group word game for children to teach them about division.[1] Players take turns to count incrementally, replacing any number divisible by three with the word \”fizz\”, and any number divisible by five with the word \”buzz\”.

Like me, the author is having trouble with the fact that 199 out of 200 applicants for every programming job can\’t write code at all. I repeat: they can\’t write any code whatsoever.

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