elementary OS Luna Shines | LAS s28e04

elementary OS Luna Shines | LAS s28e04

We’ll review this highly anticipated distribution. Is it heavy handed idealism, or one of the true desktop contenders? It’s been in development for years, elementary OS hits 1.0 this week, and we give it our full attention.

PLUS: Our prognoses for the Ubuntu Edge campaign, more Firefox OS hardware hits the streets, we share some Podcasting secrets…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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elementary OS Luna Review


Brought to you by: System76

In April of 2011, a small group of high school and college kids released an Ubuntu 10.10 remaster that we called elementary OS “Jupiter”.

It was clear from the get-go that Luna would be all about getting things done, and a major component of that is apps that open and close instantly. But aside from optimizing the code, there was a push to optimize speed on the design side as well.

After elementary OS Luna has been officially released, a surge of new eOS users has arrived, and we are here to help. Everyone, including me, loves a “Top Things To Do After Installing…” list, so let’s get you started.

Settings and configuration for the different components of our computers is typically scattered amongst many disjointed, disparate, stand-alone applications with different user interfaces and behavior.

Switchboard solves this problem by enforcing coherency with regard to interface and behavior, and by automatically organizing the different configuration options into one unified and central location.

Switchboard is meant to provide a place for global configuration settings, such as power options, device syncing, or third-party hardware.

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