Edge of Failure | LINUX Unplugged 2

Edge of Failure | LINUX Unplugged 2

As the final hours countdown we chat about the fate of the Ubuntu Edge campaign and debate with our live callers about the bigger picture.

Plus our thoughts on the new KDE release, Steam, and a few more thoughts on elementary OS.

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  • Upgraded to KDE 4.11 this AM before Coder Radio. Audio problems better?

The rate of games coming to Linux. I check for new games weekly now, and almost install two or three new games a week. This is amazing.

We need to track Steam better as a community. Each month the numbers come out we don\’t have any good visualization of how we are doing. Asymco for Apple for example.

Luna OS review Forgot:

  • Good desktop for developers. Ubuntu LTS compatibility/support with simple UI to let them focus.

  • App indicators work

  • In a couple years high end OEMs like System76 might move to Elementary OS if Ubuntu totally jumps the mobile shark

  • They plan to go w/Wayland, not Mir. Big diff from Ubuntu.

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