Ubuntu Beyond the Edge | LAS s28e05

Ubuntu Beyond the Edge | LAS s28e05

Ubuntu Edge failed to reach its funding, there are many theories why, we’ll break them all down and debate if the touch trend has come to an end.

Plus: A walkthrough of Bitmessage and the recent “hack” attempt this week, a new self hosted email project…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Was Ubuntu Edge a Sign?


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The number came out of doing some homework on what would be needed to bring the phone to market. And ultimately bringing a phone like this to market requires a lot industrial design work, electrical design, testing, etc. We could have gone for a lower total number, but with a much higher per-unit cost. So, we tried to find something that was a good compromise.

“We thought we could take a leap forward two or three years in terms of the capabilities of today’s phone through the Edge,”

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“It certainly raised eyebrows in the phone industry in a good way. Folks feel there’s a hunger for something new and it sent a signal as to what that something new might look like,” said Shuttleworth.

“I think the full Ubuntu convergence experience will not be in the first round of Ubuntu phones, which we’re targeting for the first quarter 2014,” Silber told CNET. “Just phones, not a full converged plug-into-your-monitor device,” she added, stressing, “I think convergence is the future. It may take many forms.”

  • Canonical CEO Jane Silber

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