Go Dock Yourself | LINUX Unplugged 3

Go Dock Yourself | LINUX Unplugged 3

After rebuilding his KDE desktop better and stronger than before, Chris and Matt dig into what really seems to be troubling the Gnome project, what really makes a desktop easy to use, and if the Ubuntu Edge campaign was a sophisticated PR stunt.

Plus the live feedback from our Mumble room, your emails, and more!

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Shit KDE Says:

  • Saturday 18:22 I perform an packer -Syu like a boss.
  • Elect to not reboot, like a boss
  • Sunday Morning I shutdown before LAS to move out to the studio. Gotta clean the pipes.

[2013-08-22 18:22] [PACMAN] upgraded perl-xml-libxml (2.0101-1 -> 2.0103-1)
[2013-08-22 18:22] [PACMAN] upgraded pyqt4-common (4.10.2-2 -> 4.10.3-1)
[2013-08-22 18:22] [PACMAN] upgraded sip (4.14.7-1 -> 4.15-1)
[2013-08-22 18:22] [PACMAN] upgraded python-sip (4.14.7-1 -> 4.15-1)
[2013-08-22 18:22] [PACMAN] upgraded python-pyqt4 (4.10.2-2 -> 4.10.3-1)
[2013-08-22 18:22] [PACMAN] upgraded python2-sip (4.14.7-1 -> 4.15-1)
[2013-08-22 18:22] [PACMAN] upgraded python2-pyqt4 (4.10.2-2 -> 4.10.3-1)

  • I log in, trying to get ready for LAS but KDE kicks an error

Executable: plasma-desktop PID: 830 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)

  • My desktop flashes a few times and I am SOL.
  • Based on recommendations from the professional internet people in the IRC, I backup/move my .kde4 folder
  • I log in, and find my KDE as fresh as a up and coming crossdressing porn star\’s arse.
  • Debated the quick fix, which involved going in with laser like rm strike teams.

rm -rf ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma*

  • But in stead upted for the boss level route:

rm -rf ~/.kde4

  • This put me back at square zero with my KDE config.
  • This time around I decided to double down on tweaking defaults from the go.
  • My initial switch to KDE I tried to keep things default. That was a big mistake.
  • KDE is meant to be tweaked.
  • Started with \”System Settings\” and just went down each and every single option one by one until I was happy.
  • My KDE setup is even more amazing then before. Really love my current setup.


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