TRON Legacy Review | J@N | 12.21.10

TRON Legacy Review | J@N | 12.21.10

What self-respecting modern geek would pass up the chance to see the sequel to the most awesome virtual reality epic of our young lives? NOT THESE GUYS. The J@N crew was there with bells on (much to the chagrin of the other patrons, jingle-jingle), and boy do we have junk to tell you.

We’ll try to avoid spoilers, but be warned that a couple may slip out.

Show Feeds:

Great re-use of classic sets (Flynn’s) and iconic vehicles on the Grid.
Cheap on Amazon!

Jeremy is concerned with plot holes.
Jeremy predicts a sequel set at least half in the real world.

15minutes of behind the scenes footage
Jeff Bridges’ next film: (comes out Dec 22)
— A “readaptation” of a novel that was previously made into a book, starring John Wayne


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