2011 Predictions | J@N | 12.23.10

2011 Predictions | J@N | 12.23.10

It’s our last episode of 2010, and so it’s time to whip out our crystal balls and future-vision goggles, and tell you our predictions for what is in store for the coming year. Will 2011 bring about the robot apocalypse? Life on other planets? Warp drive? The death of Net Neutrality?

Tune in to hear some of the guys’ top predictions, as well as a few from our audience.

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  • Someone will finally file a major lawsuit against FaceBook for their shifting privacy settings, as it will result in some sort of corporate coup or celebrity scandal. FB will win the lawsuit, but it will bring the issue to light in such a way that many people will finally learn to protect their personal information from being so publicly available.
  • Major game developers will embrace the mobile platform in bigger ways than ever before. We’ll probably see a big “Mobile Gaming Expo” be announced in 2011.
  • The “New Space Race” will ramp up. Technological and economical innovations will begin to reshape the way we look at space flight. Examples: commercial space flights (orbit only), advancements in air and waste recycling, possibly even real-world designs for an artificial gravity ship (fueled by centrifugal force – a spinny ship).
  • A personal prediction — I will lose 20-25 lbs quickly (by March), but be unable to shed more than that and will give up on my diet.
  • Jeremy will realize that ass-storage is incredibly convenient.


  • Intel light peak ships – Idea from @MichealKenny on twitter
  • Amazon Launches an Android App store with Custom DRM. It’s a hit, but starts soft.
  • Google will attempt to better integrate into the Enterprise document management systems. IE, it will import folders, rights, etc, in realtime two ways. And translate that into the Google docs world. It will be used to migrate people over time to Google Docs from MS office.
  • HP becomes the largest hardware competitor to the iPad. They’ll have a big line up, running WebOS.
  • Chris’ hair takes over Jupiter Broadcasting.


  • Alan will learn to use Google Docs.
  • Alan still won’t watch DIE HARD.
  • Alan FINALLY meet Steve Pool, Alan’s hero & favorite local weather man.

The Internet’s

  • EastCoastGirl: Copyright bullshit will begin to breakdown and MPAA and RIAA will finally come to their senses & start actually using Internet
  • Firix: Everyone will mention the Apocalypse that much more often since we’re closer to 2012
  • TommyBrun: Around summer 2011, Wikileaks will still be releasing stuff, but the general public has stopped caring.
  • nean0901: J@N will increase in popularity exponentially and get mentioned on Good Morning America.
  • rikai & Angela:  War with North Korea (and maybe China)
  • vs8: Many UFO sightings


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