Blazing 7 | CR 67

Blazing 7 | CR 67

iOS 7 is landing and Mike and Chris discuss what’s in store for developers, and the real reason to put a 64bit CPU in a cell phone.

Plus the core of what’s wrong with Microsoft, practicing security from the start, your emails and more!

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\”The first thing devs need to do is focus on updating for iOS 7 and its design changes,\” he says. \”The second stage is 64-bit using Xcode 5, and to read all the developer documents.\”

And even if an app won\’t see a seismic shift in performance by moving to 64-bit, it\’s not a bad idea to start considering a move. Lahartinger says that its relatively easy for developers to get started and \”take advantage of some of the 5S 64-bit features right away,\” noting that this \”will mostly help their apps perform even better.\”

\”iOS 7 is a different user experience, and it is a significant difference,\” he said. \”If developers just compile for iOS 7, there are going to be noticeable flaws.\”

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Now, according to a new report from The New York Times, it turns out Nokia engineers did develop Lumia phones that ran Google\’s Android operating system. The report, which cites people familiar with the matter, says that Android was running on Nokia smartphones internally \”well before\” discussions that led to Microsoft\’s purchase of the company\’s handset division, which suggests that such efforts may have taken place in 2012 or early 2013. Additionally, it\’s said that while Microsoft knew about the project — and confirmed its existence to the _Times _—it \”wasn\’t a part of Microsoft\’s discussions\” prior to the acquisition.

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