Full SteamOS Ahead | LINUX Unplugged 7

Full SteamOS Ahead | LINUX Unplugged 7

Valve has announced SteamOS, and we have our analysis of how this will impact the Linux ecosystem at large, the challenge Valve faces, and the reasons Valve is the right company to pull this effort off.

Plus the real reason for iTunes, re-thinking Google, and a lot more!

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The only reason I would´╗┐ need iTunes on linux is for streaming tv shows.
Netflix and amazon\’s library is peanuts compared to itunes. Itunes has a lot of exclusives. Meaning shows that aren\’t and will probably never be released to dvd or bluray. As a linux user, I really hate that there\’s little to no DRM support here.

Can\’t get it working. Nor mp4s bought from my ipad. I really wish that\’ll change. As far as digital media go, linux is 10 years behind.

— SteamOS Annouced: Linux for the Living Room —

Last year, we shipped a software feature called Big Picture, a user-interface tailored for televisions and gamepads.
This year we\’ve been working on even more ways to connect the dots for customers who want Steam in the living-room.
Soon, we\’ll be adding you to our design process, so that you can help us shape the future of Steam.

SteamOS will primarily be based off Ubuntu, as it has been Valve\’s focus ever since they started testing Steam for Linux. They already have a repository for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS users designated \”hometest\”, which is obviously short for SteamOS being tested in people\’s homes. This hometest repository has been around since April.

+ This will create a \"Steam standard\" that non-Steam distros can follow to garuntee compatability. 

While 40 percent of all Linux games on Steam feature some form of controller support, that only amounts to 72 games total that are currently set up to work on a living room box running SteamOS

When Big Picture mode was launched last September, 23.7 percent of the games available on Steam were listed with full or partial controller support (382 games total). Of the games that have launched on Steam since then, about 48.4 percent have featured full or partial controller support (raising the total proportion of games in this category on Steam to 29.4 percent or 617 games total).

Not unlike the Nvidia Shield, it will include a method for wirelessly streaming games from your existing gaming computer to your TV, which Valve says will also come to the regular Steam client at some point in the future.

  • Steam – ~60 million users
  • XBox Live – 46 million users as of February 2013
  • PlayStation Network – +100 million

  • The dawn of a new \”Linux\”. Valve could change the meaning of Linux from \”scary to the average joe\” to the market saviour, open in the same sense of the \”internet\” being open and allowing for commerce.

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