Teskeing the Possibilities | BSD Now 4

Teskeing the Possibilities | BSD Now 4

We talk to Devin Teske about his work with bsdinstall, bsdconfig and all the other interesting things he’s been up to lately.

This week we’re at EuroBSDCon, so we’ve just got an interview for you today. BSD Now will be back next week with a normal episode and lots of stories from the conference. We’ll also try to get some more interviews there.

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– Show Notes: –

Interview – Devin Teske – dteske@freebsd.org / @devinteske

bsdconfig, bsdinstall, sysrc and fdpv

Sr. FreeBSD Architect and Systems Integration Specialist at FISGlobal

  • Q: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with FreeBSD?
  • Q: What tools in base did you have a hand in creating?
  • Q: What are you working on for bsdinstall?
  • Q: A question many want to know: when we will we have a zfs-on-root option in the default installer? Or full disk encryption?
  • Q: Tell us about your new tools: bsdconfig, sysrc and fdpv
  • Q: Any chance of seeing the boot menu’s 4th code being replaced with something else?
  • Q: Are there any secret projects have you been working on lately?
  • Q: What is DruidBSD?

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