Cloud Guilt | LINUX Unplugged 8

Cloud Guilt | LINUX Unplugged 8

Should Linux users be anti-cloud? Why do so many of us feel guilty for using the\”cloud\”?

This week will dig into this conundrum and maybe even solve this more and more complex question.

Plus a little KDE vs Gnome debate, moral pirates, and even RMS\’ workflow.

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One think about KDE that has always bugged me is lack of a design philosophy.

— Dat Cloud —

I would ideally like to have a machine with the speed and memory of a laptop, and the display size of a laptop too, combined with the same freedom that I have now on the Yeelong.

Until I can have them both, freedom is my priority. I’ve campaigned for freedom since 1983, and I am not going to surrender that freedom for the sake of a more convenient computer.

I do hope to switch soon to a newer model of Yeelong with a 10-inch display.

It\’s the little things that make me use the cloud. IE, Dropbox, G+ pictures, Google Docs, etc.

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