WebRTC Game Changer | LAS s29e01

WebRTC Game Changer | LAS s29e01

WebRTC is going to bring a whole new category of applications to Linux, and the web. We’ll demo some of our favorite and surprisingly powerful uses of WebRTC that go way beyond basic video chat.

Plus Steambox specs get real, Mir gets dropped from Ubuntu 13.10…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Fun with WebRTC


Brought to you by: System76

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Audio Only Chat with WebRTC

Anonymous, browser-based voice chat.

Screen Sharing with WebRTC

Welcome to extremely easy screensharing
directly in the browser – no downloads or plugins


Send files directly

Secured, anonymous, instant, without a cloud.

peerCDN utilizes WebRTC DataChannel to establish peer-to-peer connections between a site’s visitors. Chrome and Firefox already support WebRTC, which together account for 58% of global browser usage (according to StatCounter). IE and Safari will likely add support soon. Graceful fallback for unsupported browsers.

You Need a Server, but You’ve Got Options

  • What codecs to use

  • Which security keys to use

  • The network route to take (behind a NAT, direct, etc)

  • Server can be: Websockets, Google Cloud Message, XHR

  • Protocol can be lots of things, like: JSON, SIP, XMPP

  • That setups up the p2p link between the WebRTC sessions.

  • STUN: WebRTC Uses a STUN Server so WebRTC clients can figure out their public IP from behind a NAT.

  • TURN: WebRTC uses a TURN server to provide a cloud fallback if p2p fails. Uses server bandwidth for the relay, but makes the call work in almost every environment.

  • WebRTC uses ICE to get the direct IP and at the same time spool up the TURN server, and then makes a decision as to which can be used.

  • Prefers STUN for direct p2p.

  • You can use Google’s “test” servers: stun.l.google.com:19302

  • Deploy your own: rfc5766-turn-server:
  • restund – Open Source STUN/TURN Server

More on WebRTC

APIs and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web, Second Edition

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Yorba is proud to announce the release of Geary 0.4, the newest version of our lightweight email client.

We at Yorba are pleased to bring you Shotwell 0.15.

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Should Linux users be anti-cloud? Why do so many of us feel guilty for using the “cloud”?

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