The Bacon Diet | J@N | 1.4.11

The Bacon Diet | J@N | 1.4.11

Welcome to the new year, everybody! This time of year many people are making their New Years’ Resolutions – get organized, pay bills, quit smoking, etc. But the BIG one on just about everyone’s list is usually “lose weight / get in shape” and that includes our own J-Man!

Beginning on the 2nd of the year, he started what is known as the Atkins Diet. It’s a controversial low-carb diet that many people feel is nothing more than a fad. Tonight we’ll discuss some of the pitfalls and benefits of this unique diet, both laying the ground work for Jeremy’s future weight loss, and possibly even to inspire some of YOU to play along at home!

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What is Atkins?

  • By adopting a very-low-carb diet, you force your body into consuming body fat instead of glucose for energy. (Remember: Body fat IS STORED ENERGY)
  • This state is known as ketosis, and requires low insulin levels in the body (Not safe for diabetics without doctor supervision, but can actually improve some peoples’ symptoms over time.)

Additional willpower-related benefits:

  • The diet is generally high in fiber, protein and fat which take longer to digest than sugars and starches, leaving you fuller longer.  Less feelings of hunger.  Fewer cravings.
  • Burning body fat as opposed to sugar intake is sometimes referred to as a cleaner burn, and many report an increase in overall energy and motivation on this diet. It’s anecdotal though.

Why Atkins, and not another diet?

  • It’s psychological. I need food restrictions in order to remind me that I’m on a diet, and after looking into a few other diets like “The Zone” and “Weight Watchers” I determined that this is the easiest to understand, and easiest to follow.
  • Various studies confirm that there is very little difference in the actual weight loss achieved on these various diets, so if you wanna pursue something different, by all means do so!


  • High fat content
    • Atkins recommends fewer than 20% of your overall calories from fat. So yes, you have to watch this.
  • Swift weight loss can cause health issues
    • This is generally a concern for people that eat unhealthily or are neglecting key nutrients. Atkins does not, other than sugars and starches which your body doesn’t need if it has plenty of stored energy (aka FAT).
    • Excessive weight loss on this diet can be a very bad thing as well, so it’s not recommended for people that want to become ULTRA FIT. It’s designed for the obese.
  • Kidney stones!
    • A very real concern for me, since I’ve had them twice. Common home remedies include drinking a LOT of water (more than 64 oz. daily) and cranberry juice.
  • Bad breath
    • Ketosis causes bad breath in almost everyone. I don’t know why or how, but it’s true. So, sugar-free gum will remain on me at all times.
  • If you fall off the diet, you gain all the weight back and then some
    • This is generally true, which is why the complete diet should be researched if you’re looking into it.  It contains lifetime guidelines that allow you to progress through phases of weight loss and maintenance, and offers tips on regressing to earlier phases if you see weight gain.
  • Emotional side effects (anger and depression are common)
    • Well, how do you ever deal with these?  Video games, of course!

Jeremy’s Obstacles:

  • Phase One (Induction) restricts caffeine intake to “about one cup of coffee per day.”
  • Water intake must increase dramatically.
  • Physical activity must increase dramatically.
  • And then there’s your wife’s cooking….

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