Doing It de Raadt Way | BSD Now 6

Doing It de Raadt Way | BSD Now 6

We chat with OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt, and we\’ll show you how to securely run graphical applications in a jail. Then we get you caught up on all the latest news.

All that and more, this week on BSD Now – the place to B.. SD.

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– Show Notes: –


HAMMER2 GSOC improvements merged

  • A student from the Google Summer of Code\’s patches were committed to upstream Dragonfly
  • It focuses mainly on compression and updating the I/O infrastructure to work with compression
  • The ability to boot from HAMMER2 volumes was also added
  • Check the show notes for a full list of additions and improvements
  • We\’ll have someone on the show to talk about HAMMER FS in the future

OSNews starts a \”BSD family\” segment

  • An OSNews reader decided to share some info about the BSDs
  • He\’s writing a three-part series covering FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD
  • Pretty good info for Linux switchers

pkgsrc-2013Q3 branch announcement

  • pkgsrc is similar to the ports concept, but for 21 different OSes
  • The pkgsrc developers make a new release every three months.
  • 13184 total packages for AMD64
  • If there\’s any interest, we\’ll try to get a pkgsrc tutorial written in the future

PCBSD 9.2 released

  • Shortly after the official FreeBSD 9.2 release, PCBSD follows up
  • Highlights include bootable ZFS boot environments, a rewritten life-preserver utility for backups, improved pkgng support, updated appcafe, major improvements to warden, a GUI pkgng management system, filesystem-based encryption for home directories and much more

Interview – Theo de Raadt –


Jailed VNC sessions

  • VNC lets you run GUI applications remotely and detach from them like tmux
  • Running it in a jail provides another layer of security
  • Can be used for isolated web browser instances and lots of other things
  • If you don\’t know how to set up a jail, fear not – we\’ve already got a jail tutorial in the works

The place to B…SD

  • vBSDCon October 25-27th
    • At the Dulles Hyatt in Virginia
    • Hybrid unconference, good mix of formal and informal
  • Speakers include: Baptiste Daroussin, Devin Teske, Scott Long, Luigi Rizzo, and David Chisnall
  • iXsystems hosts FreeBSD Anniversary party – November 2nd
  • Celebrating FreeBSD’s 20th anniversary
  • Saturday, November 2nd at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco
  • Same location as the 10th anniversary party
  • Notable FreeBSD figures will contribute words of wisdom on the past, present, and future of FreeBSD

News Roundup

Curve25519 patch for OpenSSH

  • Because of recent NSA news, someone implemented an alternative key exchange mechanism
  • It uses Curve25519 instead of the traditional Diffie-Hellman
  • Comes from the developer of libssh and is already implemented there

FreeBSD 10-ALPHA5 is out

  • Includes the big removal of BIND
  • More GNU stuff removed
  • Bhyve and XEN improvements
  • Some LLVM fixes

M:Tier offering \”Long Time Support\” for OpenBSD ports

  • Starting with 5.4, M:Tier will be offering a subscription for LTS support, in addition to their free 6 month version
  • OpenBSD releases are only supported for 1 year normally (5.2 becomes unsupported when 5.4 comes out, etc.)
  • This model makes it easier to keep your ports patched for security in a corporate environment

Ohio Linuxfest talks uploaded

  • The OLF 2013 talks have been uploaded
  • Includes Kirk Mckusick\’s keynote about building an open source community and Ken Moore\’s talk about lots of new PCBSD stuff

Theo\’s absence and other updates

  • In an uncharacteristic manner, Theo started a thread on misc@ instead of finishing it
  • For the last year, he\’s not been as involved in OpenBSD development as he should be
  • He\’s been busy with setting up an Internet Exchange in Calgary
  • Also mentions some troubles with an imposter Twitter account (which is now suspended)


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