CES Tablets Attack! | J@N | 1.5.11

CES Tablets Attack! | J@N | 1.5.11

Today kicked off the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in beautiful Las Vegas! And while a hundred different gadgets are showing up, the Tablet Cavalcade really took center stage.

Tune in to hear some of Chris & Jeremy’s favorite gadgets that surfaced today, and the impact they could have on the entire future of mankind! And maybe martians, too!

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Best of Picks – DAY 1:

Vizio Tablet
The device has an IR blaster built in to the top, and it can function as a universal remote.

Not much specific to this gadget to talk about, but the article includes a bunch of videos of Android 3.0 (aka Honeycomb) in action.

Motorola XOOM
Chris thinks that this is THE tablet to watch in the coming months, as the top competitor with the infamous iPad.
GREAT specs, but no price point listed.  Assuming it’ll be pricey, though.

Motorola Atrix
This nifty gadget is pretty much a phone that comes with a netbook-type peripheral that converts the entire phone into a laptop-style interface!

Samsung DualView
A second LCD on the FRONT of the camera!  GENIUS!
Could this be the end of duck-lips and dirty mirror shots?  Or will this create a renaissance in the world of half-naked teenagers sending dirty pics to one another?

Next Gen MS Surface
Finally eliminating the cameras and bulky under-carriage, the Surface has lifted itself up into the current generation of touch technology!
Especially impressive is the “Pixel Sense” technology that they use inside their screen that, “Turns every pixel into a camera” making the unit able to read words and sense all ten (or twenty!) input points separately.


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