The Ubuntu Hangover | LINUX Unplugged 10

The Ubuntu Hangover | LINUX Unplugged 10

What does a post Ubuntu world look like, which distro would rise to the top? Our specially crafted team of armed and dangerous Linux users weigh in.

PLUS: Rise up against your bearded distro gatekeepers! If you\’re an experienced Linux user, it might be time to break out of your distro box and help push upstream forward.

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The Big Picture for Linux

The Linux desktop is easily still a good 5 years behind Windows and OSX and without LTS Linux wouldn\’t even be in the ballpark.

Linux outlasts Any Distro, Experienced End-Users Should Embrace that.

Watching the events around Ubuntu unfold it\’s once again teaching us something that anyone who\’s watched Linux for a long time, has noticed, but like my self, refuses to fully accept it. Many (maybe all? In the grand scheme) die or change for the worse.

And yet many Linux users are afraid of a \”raw\” Linux experience without the protection of their distro masters. They fear total system havoc without some bearded keeper of the repo gates preventing mass chaos from entering their system during some random update.

Four months into using Arch as my daily driver, in production and play, has taught me a big lesson. Not about how l33t Arch is, or that Wiki\’s can actually not suck, but that upstream is amazing. The near real time work that is being done is inspiring and encouraging to watch and enjoy.

Some examples of cutting edge:

Maybe there is a case to be made, that if you, like me, often enjoy toying with computer instead of playing a video game, then perhaps it in Linux and all upstream code\’s best future interests to try and live outside the box a little.

I\’ve spent a lot of time with each of the main-line distros (Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, openSUSE, Slackware), and I have to say that if I weren\’t using Arch, I really don\’t know what else I would use.

Mail Sack:

Chris points out that Gene wanted the Enterprise to be clean, and streamlined. Because the technology had become so perfected by that point it was natural and comfortable to use.

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