Brothers in Arms | LAS | s15e01

Brothers in Arms | LAS | s15e01

It’s the BSD Action Show?! NO! It’s our brothers in arms episode! We get special guest host Allan on to share the love with our open source brothers!

PLUS – Cegega is closing it doors, and we share our thoughts on that and so much more!

It’s time for The Linux Action Show, HERE WE GO!

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Download Links Below, Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
CES 2011, Runs Linux

Android Pick:
Gentle Alarm (TRIAL)
Gentle Alarm (PAY) <– Chris’ Recomendation.
Find a review here.
Cedega closes down. Goodbye Cedega, hello GameTree Linux
Broadcom joins the Linux Foundation []

FreeBSD can now run in EC2. FreeBSD Security Officer Colin Percival worked under an NDA with amazon to port their technology so FreeBSD 8.x and 9.x can now be used in EC2.

BSD Links:
Wikipedia PC-BSD Artcile
PC-BSD Documentation
PBI Dir *Allan: private dependencies, no more upgrade hell.

FreeBSD Releases
FreeBSD Resources for Newbies
FreeBSD Handbook

How the FreeBSD Project Works:


  • Chris:

Despite observing what seemed to be a more elegant, consistent built OS. And having done some large SCSI I/O tests back in the day that clearly put FreeBSD on top… I have found in years of practical use that Linux still remains a fantastically stable and scaleable server platform.  Never really presenting me with a reason to move to FreeBSD.

On the desktop side, the third party app support is even weaker for FreeBSD than it already is for Linux. Plus all the fun “cool” desktop projects, start, and are built with Linux in mind (compiz, Flash, VMware, etc).

  • Allan:

compiz always worked on BSD, as X/gnome/KDE are the same, and flash (including 64bit) works fine on BSD using the Linuxulator, a kernel module that allows you to run unmodified linux binaries on BSD.

Because FreeBSD is BSD licensed, and the developers are willing work under NDAs when necessary, and so FreeBSD has extremely good binary drivers for nvidia, marvell, broadcom, intel and more.

Using EC2 to hack passwords:

Performance comparisons:


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