Cinnamon 2 Review | LAS s29e04

Cinnamon 2 Review | LAS s29e04

Cinnamon 2.0 is a serious desktop contender, but not for the reasons you might think. Has this desktop environment come into its own?

Plus: Linus says the desktop is his big goal for Linux in the next few years, a fantastic new game for Linux…


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Cinnamon 2.0 Review


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This new version will be featured in Linux Mint 16 “Petra” planned for the end of November and will then be backported to LMDE and Linux Mint 13 LTS.

Cinnamon 2.0 represents 5 months of development and 856 commits from 28 developers. It features a lot of bug fixes but also brand new features and many improvements.


Edge-Snapping was inspired by the Snap functionality of Xbox One. It is similar to Edge-Tiling (the window sticks to the edge or corner of the screen, occupies half of the screen and can be resized) but with one key difference: Maximized windows do not cover snapped windows.

The New User Applet

A new user applet is introduced in Cinnamon 2.0 to let you easily perform most session/account related tasks (leaving, switching users, disabling notifications, accessing settings…etc).

Better User Management

System administrators now have access to the “Users and Groups” configuration tool which allows them not only to administrate users but also groups.

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Glare is a side-scrolling action platforming game coming October 10th from Phobic Studios to Windows, Mac and Linux. Summoned from starlight to defeat the infectious creatures called the Ramora, you play as the Shiner, a being of pure light given shape by an ancient suit of armor. Equipped with nothing but the power of your Glare and Gauntlet you must progress through fantastic alien worlds, tackling satisfying platforming challenges and engaging in fast-paced combat. Glare is a game about discovery, new powers and challenges await you on every world.

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