Spandex and Crime | J@N | 1.11.11

Spandex and Crime | J@N | 1.11.11

It’s been a very Superheroey couple of days lately, so put on your spandex and mardi gras maskes and join us as we leap across the rooftops of the information superhighway to bring you the latest on a few interesting stories – ripped from the comic books!

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NBC’s “The Cape” Premiered this Sunday

ComicAlliance review
– Embraces the tropes of superheroes, and portrays them as logical in this universe.
– Enjoyable to watch, and not in a “so bad it’s good” way.
Summer Glau drops hints about future relationship between her character and “The Cape”

Real Life Superheroes in Seattle

Police Alerted to “Superheroes” Patrolling Seattle
– Rain City Superhero Movement, part of a national organization: RLSH

A night on patrol with Phoenix Jones

Real Life Superheroes Fight Crime
– Includes an good video interview with three of them.

Phoenix Jones Gets His Nose Broken
– Two men starting a fight, he broke it up and took one to the ground and the other pulled a gun. The other got up and broke his nose.

DC Universe Online publicly available today!

Buy it on
Check out some of Jeremy’s articles on DCUO over at
“Battle of Legends” End of Beta Event – Recap
A Guide to Travel Powers
A Tour of Gotham City

If you’d like to join the Jupiter Broadcasting fans in DCUO, check out the following thread from Jupiter Colony (our forums) for more information:  CLICK HERE


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