-CURRENT Events | BSD Now 9

-CURRENT Events | BSD Now 9

We\’ve got an interview with Henning Brauer about OpenBSD\’s pf firewall, a tutorial on how to follow the -STABLE and -CURRENT branches of FreeBSD, a recap of what happened at vBSDCon this year and.. As always, lots of news to cover, so stay tuned to BSD Now – the place to B.. SD.

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– Show Notes: –


Managed services using FreeBSD

  • New York Internet, a huge ISP and service provider, details how they use FreeBSD
  • Mentions using BSD technologies: pf, pfsync, carp, haproxy, zfs, jails and more
  • Explains FreeBSD\’s role in commercial workloads on a massive scale
  • Lots of cool graphs and info, check out the full write-up

OpenBSD boot support for keydisk-based crypto volumes

  • So far, only passphrase-based crypto volumes were bootable
  • Full disk encryption with key disks required a non-crypto partition to load the kernel
  • The bootloader now scans all BIOS-visible disks for RAID partitions and automatically associates key disk partitions with their crypto volume
  • No need to re-create existing volumes. Moving the root partition onto the crypto disk and running \”installboot\” is all that\’s needed

More Dragonfly SMP speedups

  • Matthew Dillon has been committing lots of various SMP improvements
  • Using dports builds on a 48-processor machine as a test
  • The machine’s now building more than 1000 packages an hour
  • Super technical details in the show notes, check \’em out

Getting to know portmgr

  • Start of an ongoing series profiling members of the FreeBSD Ports Management Team
  • In the first interview, they talk to longest serving member of the team, Joe Marcus Clarke
  • In the second, Bernhard Frölich (who\’s also the creator of redports.org)
  • Future segments will include the other members
  • Topics include their inspiration for using FreeBSD, first time using it, lots of other interesting stuff

BSD Now at the top of iTunes

  • BSD Now is on the front-and-center page of iTunes\’ technology podcast section
  • We\’re better than everyone else and Leo is fat

Interview – Henning Brauer – henning@openbsd.org / @henningbrauer

OpenBSD\’s pf firewall, privilege separation, various topics


Tracking -STABLE and -CURRENT

  • The BSDs have development branches you can follow
  • This guide shows the differences between FreeBSD -RELEASE, -STABLE and -CURRENT
  • Will do OpenBSD and NetBSD versions in the future, their methods are all pretty different

News Roundup

OpenBSD gets XBox360 controller support

  • Adds support for Microsoft XBox 360 controller as a uhid
  • Will make things easier for emulators in OpenBSD
  • Are there people who regularly play games on BSD? Email us, might do a segment on it

PCBSD 10-STABLE ISOs available

  • Early cut of the new stable/10 branch, not recommended for everyone
  • A pkgng repository is available, but is missing a number of packages
  • AMD KMS, new text installer, UEFI loader support, much more

Switching from Linux to BSD

  • Yet another Linux user switching to BSD makes a thread about it
  • Asks the community what some differences and advantages are
  • Good response from the community, worth reading if you\’re a Linux guy

Unattended OpenBSD installations

  • Unattended installations possible using DHCP and a \”response\” file
  • The system gets an IP via DHCP, then fetches a config file with key=value pairs
  • Can do automatic network setup, SSH, passwords, etc
  • Still a work in progress


  • Kjell-Aleksander writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s21hxDpzjO
  • Alex writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s21ibNDb5y
  • Chad writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s20D6K2NUe
  • Joshua writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s20UZLFHAg
  • Craig writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s20S15bbZ4

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