Year of the Hero | Jupiter@Nite | 1.13.11

Year of the Hero | Jupiter@Nite | 1.13.11

This weekend marks the beginning of what is going to be a HUGE year for comic book and superhero movies. Green Hornet is only the first of many being released this year, including Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, X-Men First Class and MORE!

Since the guys don’t have a lot of interest in this weekend’s offering, we’ll be focusing more on what’s coming down the pipe for the rest of the year. Are they destined to be flops and bombs, or blockbuster box-office-smashing megahits?

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Show Notes:

Green Hornet (image)
Washington Post: Harnessing the Power of Humor (written by Batman)
MTV News: Edward Furlong arrested for violating restraining order from estranged wife
SF Chronicle: REVIEW – Get The Flyswatter
Seth Rogen:  Regarding his weight loss (halfway down)

Green Lantern (images) – release this Summer
Lantern vs. Hornet caused studio to change release date
Official Trailer
Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool?

Thor (image) – release in May
Official Trailer

X-Men: First Class (image) – June 3rd
Trailer NOT attached to Green Hornet, as originally planned
Trailer DESCRIPTION included

Captain America (image) – no release date
Not thrilled about Chris Evans (formerly seen as Human Torch)
Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) returns to comic books as Red Skull

The Dark Knight Rises (image) – might be 2012
Filming appears to be moving to Detroit, previously in Chicago.
More rumors that Bane and/or Hugo Strange could be in the film, but all flimsy.

Suckerpunch (image)

Spider-Man Reboot (image) – July 2012

Superman Reboot (image) – “Holiday” 2012
Directed by Zach Snyder (“mentored by Christopher Nolan”)
“Leaked” production schedule includes shots in Smallville. ANOTHE


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