A Frank OwnCloud Interview | LAS s29e05

A Frank OwnCloud Interview | LAS s29e05

OwnCloud’s founder Frank Karlitschek chats with us about his reasons for starting such an ambitious project, how he plans to keep it sustainable, and the future.

Plus: Debian’s big choice, Cisco’s good news, solving that pesky email problem….


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Frank Chats about OwnCloud 6


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Free Software Developer, founder and CTO of ownCloud, a KDE contributor, maintainer of the openDesktop.org network including KDE-Look.org, GNOME-Look.org, KDE-Apps.org and many other websites.

Karlitschek is ownCloud’s visionary, chief cheerleader and community leader.

He leads the ownCloud community and is responsible for all aspects of product development.

OwnCloud Essentials

  • Why was OwnCloud started, was it to provide a replacement Dropbox primarily?
  • Has that initial focus now shifted to Google, and other cloud services in general?
  • How do see OwnCloud most commonly deployed in the future?
  • Is there going to be, or is there long-term sustainable company around OwnCloud?

OwnCloud Documents

  • What powers the collaborative editing?

Questions from the LAS community

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