Dark Mail: A New Hope | LINUX Unplugged 13

Dark Mail: A New Hope | LINUX Unplugged 13

What is the Dark Mail Alliance? We’ll dig into how it’s more of a protocol, and a hope than an actual product. Now the time to replace email we’ll explain how you can help get the concept kickstarted.

Plus your follow up on upstart vs systemd, a brief SteamOS chat, and more!

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Dark Mail Explained:

The goal is to cleanup and release the source code that was used to power Lavabit as a f/oss project with support for dark mail added.

Lavabit creator Ladar Levison has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the dark mail encrypted email initiative he\’s working on in partnership with Silent Circle.

The project is looking to raise $196,608 to take the Lavabit source code and turn it into a free and open-source project with the new dark mail protocol.

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