Year of the BSD Desktop | BSD Now 10

Year of the BSD Desktop | BSD Now 10

We\’ll be talking to renowned BSD author Michael Lucas about his latest opus, \”Sudo Mastery.\” Also, we\’ve heard your cries and we\’ll also finally be showing you how to build a BSD desktop system from the ground up. There\’s plenty of news items to cover as well, so stay tuned to BSD Now – the place to B.. SD.

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– Show Notes: –


OpenBSD 5.4 released

  • The usual 6 month release cycle continues with 5.4
  • People who bought the CD (this is where we show the CD) get the release very early, but now it\’s on the public FTP
  • New platforms \”octeon\” and \”beagle\”
  • Improved Intel DRM, reworked checksumming for network protocols, ECDHE support in httpd, inetd no longer started by default, DHCP improvements, lots of new OpenSMTPD work, OpenSSH 6.3
  • Over 7,800 ports available, comes with another new song and fun artwork, lots of new features – check out the full release notes
  • A special thanks to Nick Holland and Bob Beck for their behind-the-scenes work
  • Experimental FUSE support was enabled shortly after the release, so look forward to that in the future

FreeBSD pkgng repos are official

  • Built weekly from a snapshot of the Ports Collection every Wednesday
  • Signed packages coming soon with pkg 1.2
  • Added official public key to -STABLE and -CURRENT
  • New \”pkg+http\” protocol identifier for SRV records
  • If you need something more up to date or with custom options, it\’s easy to make your own with just the packages you want using our tutorial
  • If you need a guide on how to use pkgng itself, check our tutorial for that too!
  • What does this mean for PCBSD repo users? Should they switch? Differences?

DragonflyBSD 3.6 branched

  • SMP improvements and GCC changes are all in, so it\’s time to branch
  • Release planned for a little under 2 weeks from today
  • Features will include i915 support, mdocml imported, crazy SMP improvements, dports being default
  • We\’re hoping to get someone from Dragonfly on the show next week to talk about the final release

FreeBSD portmgr lurkers

  • Over the course of the next two years, volunteers from a group of ports committers will participate in portmgr activities
  • At four month intervals, two committers at a time will be brought in to work on various projects and learn the inner workings of the team
  • The first two -lurkers are Mathieu Arnold (mat@) and Antoine Brodin (antoine@).

Interview – Michael W. Lucas – / @mwlauthor

Sudo Mastery
+ Could you tell us a little about yourself, how you got involved with writing and specifically writing about BSD?
+ To set the record straight, is \”su-doh\” or \”su-du\” the correct pronunciation?
+ For the sake of completeness, what is sudo, where does it come from, what does it do?
+ Why did you write this book?
+ Is this mainly a security-focused book?
+ What\’s something interesting you learned about sudo while writing this that you didn\’t know?
+ What are some other BSD books you\’ve written?
+ What makes a \”good\” tech book, would you say?
+ Since you\’ve written about OpenBSD and FreeBSD, how do you personally use both of them?
+ Do the projects get any of the money from sales of the books?
+ Where\’s the best place for people to go to find out more about (and buy) your books?
+ We saw on Twitter you\’re going to be doing an \”OpenBSD for Linux users\” talk for MUG?
+ Anything else you\’d like to mention?
+ Video: DNSSec in 55 Minutes


Configuring FreeBSD as a desktop system

  • The BSDs are known around the world as the server OSes of the gods
  • They can each make a pretty nice desktop
  • PCBSD gives you an out of the box, preconfigured desktop experience
  • This guide is for manually setting one up and learning about the process

News Roundup

iXsystems FreeBSD party wrap-up chat

Capsicum in DragonflyBSD

  • Dragonfly has no security framework yet besides the traditional unix DAC model
  • Port of Capsicum to Dragonfly has begun
  • Quite a bit of technical detail in the show notes

NYCBSDCon 2014

  • After a three year hiatus, NYCBSDCon is back on February 1, 2014
  • Theme of \”The BSDs in Production\” this year
  • Held in New York City, more information to come as the time draws closer

FreeBSD newcons progress update

  • This project will provide a replacement for the legacy syscons system console
  • Newcons provides a number of improvements, including better integration with graphics modes, and broader character set support
  • More details on the project can be found on the FreeBSD wiki

Weekly PCBSD feature digest

  • PBI 10 format is about ready and they\’ll begin populating the 10.0 appcafe starting next week
  • PCDM login manager is back and is ready to be tested
  • New PC-BSD Disk Manager Utility with lots of features
  • New PC-BSD Builder Scripts (
  • New 9.2 ISO just out today


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