DCUO Review | LOTSO 24

DCUO Review |  LOTSO 24

The guys are rocking 2011 with two big reviews: DC Universe Online & the new Back to the Future game, “It’s About Time”!

Plus we highlight the up-coming games of 2011 that we are looking forward too, and that you’ll likely see a review of in the future!

Plus so much more!

All that and more on this episode of LOTSO!

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Upcoming Games we’re looking forward to soon
Bulletstorm – 2/22 (Gameplay)
You Don’t Know Jack – 2/08 (Trailer)

For the rest of the year
LA Noire – 4/05 (Trailer) (mo cap)
Brink – 4/12 (Walkthrough) (Gameplay)
Portal 2 – 4/19 (Demo) (Co-op Trailer)
Rage – 9/13 (gameplay)
Uncharted 3 – 11/1 (trailer)
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 11/11 (Trailer) (Supposed Leak Gameplay)

Stuff rikai is looking forward to soon
Dragon Age 2 (3/8) (Trailer) (Combat Gameplay)
Mass effect 3 (Q4/Holiday 2011) (Trailer)

Grab Bag:
Back to the Future – It’s About TIme
DC Universe Online – Gotham City Tour, End of Beta Event Recap DCUO Gameplay


Skyrim info (leaks – NOT CONFIRMED)
– You can duel wield weapons, and/or spells.

– You can combine spell effects on the fly by using one in each hand.

– They’ve made the world more “alive” including NPCs that might murder eachother, hold grudges, steal from eachother, and much more.  You may also be able to have relationships with NPCs in this game.

– You can hold a job in each village. Blacksmith, Herbalist, Enchanting, Woodcutting, etc.


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