Meet the Dockers | LINUX Unplugged 16

Meet the Dockers | LINUX Unplugged 16

A new version of Docker was just released, we bring on the CTO and Founder of Docker to chat about the big features all Linux users can look forward to.

Plus building the perfect Linux workstation, your feedback, and much more!

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Go Dock Yourself

Docker 0.7 is finally here! We hope you\’ll like it. On top of countless bug fixes and small usability improvements, it introduces 7 major features since 0.6.0

Docker is a powerful tool for many different use cases. Here are some great early use cases for Docker, as described by members of our community.

This hands-on tutorial is 100% online, so you don\’t need to install a thing. In about 10-15 minutes you\’ll be familiar with the basic
Docker commands.

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