Bridging the Gap | BSD Now 13

Bridging the Gap | BSD Now 13

We sit down for an interview with Jordan Hubbard, one of the founders of the FreeBSD project – and the one who invented ports! Later in the show, we\’ll be showing you some new updates to the OpenBSD router tutorial from a couple weeks ago. We\’ve also got news, your questions and even our first viewer-submitted video, right here on BSD Now.. the place to B.. SD.

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– Show Notes: –


Getting to know your portmgr

  • In this interview they talk to one of the \”Annoying Reminder Guys\” – Erwin Lansing, the second longest serving member of FreeBSD\’s portmgr (also vice-president of the FreeBSD Foundation)
  • He actually maintains the .dk ccTLD
  • Describes FreeBSD as \”the best well-hidden success story in operating systems, by now in the hands of more people than one can count and used by even more people, and not one of them knows it! It’s not only the best operating system currently around, but also the most supportive and inspiring community.\”
  • In the next one they speak with Martin Wilke (miwi@) which is strange since he\’s \”on hiatus\” + hasn\’t done anything in a long time
  • The usual, \”what inspires you about FreeBSD\” \”how did you get into it\” etc.

vBSDCon wrap-up compilation

Faces of FreeBSD

  • This week they talk to Gábor Páli from Hungary
  • Talks about his past as a game programmer and how it got involved with FreeBSD
  • \”I met János Háber, who admired the technical merits of FreeBSD and recommended it over the popular GNU/Linux distributions. I downloaded FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE, found it reliable, consistent, easy to install, update and use.\”
  • He\’s been contributing since 2008 and does lots of work with Haskell in ports
  • He also organizes EuroBSDCon and is secretary of the FreeBSD Core Team

Dragonfly 3.6 released

  • dports now default instead of pkgsrc
  • Big SMP scaling improvements
  • Experimental i915 and KMS support
  • See our interview with Justin Sherrill if you want to hear (a lot) more about it – nearly an hour long
  • Matt Dillion’s comments

ZFS TRIM bug on FreeBSD -CURRENT r258632

  • Do not upgrade to or past 258632, there is a ZFS TRIM bug that could result in data loss
  • If you have already upgraded, disable TRIM with vfs.zfs.trim.enabled=0 immediately
  • Roll back to a previous kernel, and then scrub your pool
  • A fix is expected shortly

Interview – Jordan Hubbard – / @omgjkh

FreeBSD\’s founding and future


Building an OpenBSD router, part 2

  • Note: there was a mistake in the video version of the tutorial, please consult the written version for the proper instructions.
  • A few weeks back we showed you how to build a high performance BSD router
  • Lots of work has been done to clean up and reorganize it, it\’s cut up into sections now, also has a new section about power saving
  • It\’s been updated for \”switchless\” operation, using a virtual ethernet interface and some bridging magic (special thanks to Ryan for helping me test that)
  • This updated guide will show you how to do an all-in-one router to replace your consumer one without any additional hardware
  • We\’ll also showcase some extras – the email alerts, errata checking script and SSH/Tor tunnels
  • The errata script now auto-detects if you\’re running -release, -stable or -current and acts accordingly; can automatically patch your source code and alert you

News Roundup

pfSense 2.1 on AWS EC2

  • We now have pfSense 2.1 available on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • In keeping with the community spirit, they’re also offering a free \”public\” AMI
  • Check the FAQ and User Guide on their site for additional details
  • Interesting possibilities with pfSense in the cloud

Puffy on the desktop

  • Distrowatch, a primarily Linux-focused site, features an OpenBSD 5.4 review
  • They talk about using it on the desktop, how to set it up
  • Very long write-up, curious Linux users should give it a read
  • Ends with \”Most people will still see OpenBSD as an operating system for servers and firewalls, but OpenBSD can also be used in desktop environments if the user doesn\’t mind a little manual work. The payoff is a very light, responsive system that is unlikely to ever misbehave\”

Two-factor authentication with SSH

  • Blog post about using a yubikey with SSH public keys
  • Uses a combination of a OTP, BSDAuth and OpenBSD\’s login.conf, but it can be used with PAM on other systems as well
  • Allows for two-factor authentication (a la gmail) in case your private key is compromised
  • Anyone interested in an extra-hardened SSH server should give it a read

PCBSD weekly digest

  • 10.0 has approximately 400 PBIs for public consumption
  • They will be merging the GNOME3, MATE and Cinnamon desktops into the 10.0 ports tree – please help test them, this is pretty big news in and of itself!
  • PCDM is coming along nicely, more bugs are getting fixed
  • Added ZFS dataset options to PCBSD’s new text installer front-end


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  • Adam\’s BSD Router Project tutorial can be downloaded here.

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