Zettabytes for Days | BSD Now 14

Zettabytes for Days | BSD Now 14

This week is the long-awaited episode you\’ve been asking for! We\’ll be giving you a crash course on becoming a ZFS wizard, as well as having a chat with George Wilson about the OpenZFS project\’s recent developments. We have answers to your feedback emails and there are some great news items to get caught up on too, so stay tuned to BSD Now – the place to B.. SD.

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– Show Notes: –


pkgng 1.2 released

  • bapt and bdrewery from the portmgr team released pkgng 1.2 final
  • New features include an improved build system, plugin improvements, new bootstrapping command, SRV mirror improvements, a new \”pkg config\” command, repo improvements, vuXML is now default, new fingerprint features and much more
  • Really simple to upgrade, check our pkgng tutorial if you want some easy instructions
  • It\’s also made its way into Dragonfly
  • See the show notes for the full list of new features and fixes

ChaCha20 and Poly1305 in OpenSSH

  • Damien Miller recently committed support for a new authenticated encryption cipher for OpenSSH, chacha20-poly1305
  • Long blog post explaining what these are and why we need them
  • This cipher combines two primitives: the ChaCha20 cipher and the Poly1305 MAC
  • RC4 is broken, we needed an authenticated encryption mode to complement AES-GCM that doesn\’t show the packet length in cleartext
  • Great explanation of the differences between EtM, MtE and EaM and their advantages
  • \”Both AES-GCM and the EtM MAC modes have a small downside though: because we no longer desire to decrypt the packet as we go, the packet length must be transmitted in plaintext. This unfortunately makes some forms of traffic analysis easier as the attacker can just read the packet lengths directly.\”

Is it time to dump Linux and move to BSD

  • ITworld did an article about switching from Linux to BSD
  • The author\’s interest was sparked from a review he was reading that said \”I feel the BSD communities, especially the FreeBSD-based projects, are where the interesting developments are happening these days. Over in FreeBSD land we have efficient PBI bundles, a mature advanced file system in the form of ZFS, new friendly and powerful system installers, a new package manager (pkgng), a powerful jail manager and there will soon be new virtualization technology coming with the release of FreeBSD 10.0\”
  • The whole article can be summed up with \”yes\” – ok, next story!

OpenZFS devsummit videos

  • Kicking off the ZFS episode, we\’ve got…
  • The OpenZFS developer summit discussion and presentation videos are up
  • People from various operating systems (FreeBSD, Mac OS X, illumos, etc.) were there to discuss ZFS on their platforms and the challenges they faced
  • Question and answer session from representatives of every OS – had a couple FreeBSD guys there including one from the foundation
  • Presentations both about ZFS itself and some hardware-based solutions for implementing ZFS in production
  • TONS of video, about 6 hours\’ worth
  • This leads us into our interview, which is…

Interview – George Wilson – Soft Eng at Delphix – wilzun@gmail.com / @zfsdude

  • KM: Can you tell us a little about yourself how you first got involved with ZFS?
  • AJ: Which features have you worked on in the past?
  • KM: Which platform do you personally use ZFS on, and for what tasks?
  • AJ: So what exactly is the OpenZFS project about?
  • KM: What do you hope the future of OpenZFS will bring?
  • AJ: When are we going to see native encryption?
  • KM: Are there some new features you\’re currently hacking on?
  • AJ: Is there anything specific you\’d like to see added to ZFS in the future?
  • KM: How did the developer summit and hackathon go?
  • AJ: Where can people go to get involved with development, and what\’s currently needed?
  • KM: Anything else you\’d like to mention?


A crash course on ZFS

  • Everything you need to know to get acquainted with the world\’s most powerful filesystem on the world\’s most powerful OS
  • Includes both beginner and advanced topics

News Roundup

ruBSD 2013 information

  • The ruBSD 2013 conference will take place on Saturday December 14, 2013 at 10:30 AM in Moscow, Russia
  • Speakers include three OpenBSD developers, Theo de Raadt, Henning Brauer and Mike Belopuhov
  • Their talks are titled \”The bane of backwards compatibility,\” \”OpenBSD\’s pf: Design, Implementation and Future\” and \”OpenBSD: Where crypto is going?\”
  • No word on if there will be video recordings, but we\’ll let you know if that changes

DragonFly roadmap, post 3.6

  • John Marino posted a possible roadmap for DragonFly, now that they\’re past the 3.6 release
  • He wants some third party vendor software updated from very old versions (WPA supplicant, bmake, binutils)
  • Plans to replace GCC44 with Clang, but GCC47 will probably be the primary compiler still
  • Bring in fixes and new stuff from FreeBSD 10

BSDCan 2014 CFP

  • BSDCan 2014 will be held on May 16-17 in Ottawa, Canada
  • They\’re now accepting proposals for talks
  • If you are doing something interesting with a BSD operating system, please submit a proposal
  • We\’ll be getting lots of interviews there

casperd added to -CURRENT

  • \”It (and its services) will be responsible forgiving access to functionality that is not available in capability modes and box. The functionality can be precisely restricted.\”
  • Lists some sysctls that can be controlled

ZFS corruption bug fixed in -CURRENT

  • Just a quick follow-up from last week, the ZFS corruption bug in FreeBSD -CURRENT was very quickly fixed, before that episode was even uploaded


  • Chris writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s2JDWKjs7l
  • SW writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s20BLqxTWD
  • Jason writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s2939tUOf5
  • Clint writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s21qKY6qIb
  • Chris writes in: http://slexy.org/view/s20LWlmhoK

  • The written versions of the Tor, jails and OpenBSD router tutorials have gotten a few small improvements and fixes
  • The poudriere and pkgng tutorials have been updated for the new 1.2 repository syntax
  • All the tutorials are posted in their entirety at bsdnow.tv, including today\’s HUGE ZFS one
  • Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to feedback@bsdnow.tv
  • If you have stories about how you or your company uses BSD, interesting things you\’ve done, crazy network stories or cool projects, send them to us!
  • Watch live Wednesdays at 2:00PM Eastern (19:00 UTC)
  • Kris\’ Skype video was coming straight from PCBSD this week!

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