Fidel Chromecastro | LINUX Unplugged 20

Fidel Chromecastro | LINUX Unplugged 20

Chromecast has been called the gadget of the year, but are the better options? Or is a simple, low cost, Linux powered gadget the ultimate living room solution? We’ll debate where it stacks up compared to XMBC, Plex, and others.

Plus: Some insights into why Canonical might be looking to License their Binary repos to the Mint projects, your feedback, and more!

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Reaching into /dev/random

Instead of trying to do everything — like Google\’s famously ambitious and unsuccessful Google TV — this thumb-sized gizmo does one thing, does it as simply as possible and does it for the impulse-purchase price of $35. Plug it into one of your TV\’s HDMI ports, and you can fling videos and other content from your laptop, tablet or phone to the big screen, no wires involved. Lots of companies have built devices to do this; Chromecast is the first one that gets it right.

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