Epic Snow, THE SEQUEL | J@N | 2.2.11

Epic Snow, THE SEQUEL | J@N | 2.2.11

As the eastern and midwest USA get pounded with some of the heaviest snowfall they’ve seen in ages, we’re sitting tight nice and cozy (and even a little sunny – SUCK IT) in the northwest.

Tonight, we’re gonna dig through some of the top news stories regarding this snowpocalypse, as well as share a bunch of user-submitted snow pictures. Be prepared for a lot of white in your face.

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Today’s blizzard is within inches of Chicago’s worst ever (27 inches in <24 hours)
Chicago’s weather service says that February’s snowfall so far (2 days) has surpassed all previous records for the ENTIRE MONTH. (Chicago photo gallery!)

Tulsa’s record was broken by more than 3 inches (old = 10.5, new = 14+)
Nationwide flight cancellations reached 13,000 flights

ABC News’ recap so far

World’s Largest Snow(wo)man – First built in 1999, record reached in 2008.


@DantesSTO:  http://twitpic.com/3vv6qn
Murphy (emailed – from last year) Pittsburgh
Lebel (emailed) Massive chewtits
JKellog (emailed – a pic of his neighbor’s tree that got taken down by the weight of the ice)

Roof collapse http://www.weather.com/outlook/videos/roof-collapse-caught-on-camera-19560#19560


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