Steam Streaming Showcased | LAS s30e07

Steam Streaming Showcased | LAS s30e07

In-Home Streaming hit beta this week and it’s a breakthrough technology that changes the game for desktop Linux forever. Not just limited to games, Steam’s In-Home streaming can deliver entire applications. We’ll demo the power and possibilities of this new tech.

Plus: The new big feature in the Linux kernel everyones talking about, a roundup of upcoming Linux community events…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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How do you get it?


  • A machine powerful enough on the “server” side to play the game, and encode it.
  • A machine on the client side powerful enough to decode whatever the resolution of video is it will be receiving (resolution is set to the servers screen size).
  • About 3MB/s sustained transfer. That might be trickier than you think over Wifi.

Game Streaming

  • Games installed on Windows box show up in my Library

  • Game install status is displayed on the Linux steam client while the Windows box is installing.

  • I was able to stream Dust from Linux to my Windows box.

  • When the game you are streaming is running for the first time on the host Windows box, and the DirectX reds is getting installed, Steam will inform you that the remote system is running first time setups on the remote box.

  • UAC will break this process at this time.

  • Steam In-Home Streaming Beta Demonstration

Non-Steam Application Streaming

In this latest instance, they’ve updated the Steam client beta’s in-home streaming functionality to support “streaming non-Steam games in the Steam library”. That means, whether they’re part of Steam or not, you’ll be able to beam your most powerful games between local area network PCs. Even Minesweeper.

  • You might lose title bars.
  • If you’re tricky enough you can get to the full Windows desktop.
  • Everything is full screen. Loading boxes, new windows, etc.



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bro pages show concise, common-case examples for Unix commands

Weekly Spotlight

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Linux 3.13 is out bringing among other thing the first official release of nftables. nftables is the project that aims to replace the existing {ip,ip6,arp,eb}tables framework aka iptables. nftables version in Linux 3.13 is not yet complete. Some important features are missing and will be introduced in the following Linux versions. It is already usable in most cases but a complete support (read nftables at a better level than iptables) should be available in Linux 3.15.

The SteamOS non-UEFI / legacy BIOS support is derived from the community’s “Ye Olde SteamOSe” distribution fork. With this SteamOS Beta update, dual-boot and custom partitioning are also possible via the SteamOS installer’s “expert install” mode.

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