MATE Mythbusting | LINUX Unplugged 26

MATE Mythbusting | LINUX Unplugged 26

The MATE Desktop is about to see some big improvements, we bring on Martin Wimpress from the MATE project to discuss his new MATE Live CD, and what the future holds for MATE.

Plus our renewed commitment to improving the state of Linux news, and the recent mistake that has Chris green with Hulk Rage!

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I also want to make it clear none of these small form-factor dev boards/devices based on ARM have no Gigabit bandwidth capability. Not even on media boxes sold directly from China.

If you want real Gigabit bandwidth or 10Gbps bandwidth you can look elsewhere because you won\’t find it in ARM except in higher-end stuff like Calxeda or AMD.

Martin Wimpress Aka Wimpy – Works with the Mate project, does the Arch Linux Packaging, and is a project advocate.

Fixing Linux News

We chat with Michael Larabel the man behind We ask him if he feels his site\’s image suffered from the coverage of Steam for Linux, chat about the Phoronix Test Suite and more!

Reasons why I sometimes hate the openness of free software. We are not able to discuss anything without the media reporting about it on the same day. sigh

Dear free software media: you can leave the internal discussions as internal till there is a public statement. Thank you!


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