StormShade Interview | STOked 69

StormShade Interview | STOked 69

This week in the world of STO, the developers have gotten around to righting a few wrongs that have persisted since launch. Tune in to hear the tweaks that will make everyone a little happier!

And then, in the interest of making you even happier, we’ll have a heart-to-heart interview with Cryptic’s Online Community Rep, Shaun “Stormshade” Brodie.

And last but certainly not least, Cryptic launched the highly-anticipated first mission in a new series of Featured Episodes, and the boys from STOked were there to give you their hands-on impressions of “The Vault” from top to bottom.

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Show Notes:


C-Store ships now available for (many, many, many) in-game currency.

  • Level 41/RA/BG Rank Excelsior is now available, for 200 marks.
  • Garumba is now available
  • Exclusive shuttle skin comes with purchase of a D’kyr science vessel (Support Craft)

Cryo Bombs getting revamped!
They will do “something different and a lot less griefy.” — Chaddington

Hints at a possible scale revision for The Defiant?
Old vs. New @ DS9 — (Pic 1, Pic 2)
Old vs. New with Shuttles – (Pic 1, Pic 2)

  • These pictures were taken using The Foundry
  • There is a certain Defiant skin that is better scaled than the current version, when compared to shuttles and DS9.

Anonymous Tipster reveals unused icons in STO files

  • Bamboo Cannon
  • Undine World-destroyer … or Tholian Web??
  • Nausicaan Lance Ground Weapon
  • Borg arm weapons … possible additions for Borg Boffs/Captains?

1-Year Anniversary Tribute Video by RachelGarrett

One-Year Anniversary Celebration Recap

  • Overhaul of ESD
  • Q’s Trivia
  • Q’s Beastiamorphs
  • Fountain Loots (including C-Store exclusives!)
  • Devs = Caitians in Speedos
  • Their VIDEO thanks the community specifically for their contributions

Featured Episode Review: “The Vault”

First of all, the TRAILER
This story includes descriptions of upcoming episodes not available on yet!

Stormshade Interview – Transcript


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