Spotlight on NASA | J@N | 2.8.11

Spotlight on NASA | J@N | 2.8.11

Superbowl scmuperbowl. We’re geeks, and we cared more about what NASA was talking about this weekend, than a bunch of dudes throwing around a ball. And our nerdy attention paid off!

First up, we talk about seeing the WHOLE sun – every last part of its flamey surface. Then we’ll talk about the robots that will eventually kill off humanity, and NASA’s plans to send them into orbit to save us. Lastly, we’ll cover some NASA-related news that’s shown up in the real world lately, regarding the future of the Space Shuttle, as well as their research into a well-known and overhyped “disaster” story from last year.

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360-degree view of our Sun for the first time ever

  • Satellite array known as “STEREO” has been slowly adjusting its orbit since launch in 2006.
  • Why it’s important:
    • Can disrupt satellites, communications, air and sea navigation, even power grids.
    • As potentially devastating as a hurricane
  • Continued 360 view will continue until Sept 2017
  • Understanding “space weather” prior to space travel is as important as understanding terrestrial weather prior to sea travel.

Robonaut2 (aka “R2”) debuts during GM pre-show


NASA debunks electronics failure as reason behind “Runaway Toyotas”

  • Backing from NASA scientists intended to give extra weight to argument that these cars did not go haywire due to high-tech electronics.
  • Toyota recall affected 16 million vehicles, and cost them $50million in civil penalties.


A private company vying for the honor of winning Google’s Lunar X Prize has signed a contract to launch its lunar module aboard a COMMERCIAL orbital flight, scheduled for December 2013.


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