Your Show | J@N | 2.9.11

Your Show | J@N | 2.9.11

So, you wanna be famous on the internet, eh? We can help!

Y’see, we want J@N to be just as much about what YOU wanna see on the internet, as what we want to show you. It’s a two-way street, but the traffic has been a bit slow on the inbound lanes (psst – that’s you!) so we’re gonna lay down the deets on making your voice a more integral part of our nightly broadcast. Tune in and learn how to be a part of the magic, even if you can’t watch live!

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Google Reader / Buzz
Chris’ public profile
Jeremy’s public profile

Google Voicemail / Skype
Jupiter Broadcasting’s phone number:  +1 425 533-2217 (located in WA, USA)
Jupiter Broadcasting’s Skype account: jupiterbroadcasting Live Highlighting / new YouTube account
How to Highlight Clips on Justin.TV
(Note – please do not use Justin.TV’s built-in chat, we don’t monitor it)

Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr / Wiki
Follow Chris
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(Alan doesn’t use Twitter – sadface)
JupiterBroadcasting’s Facebook page
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JupiterBroadcasting’s Wiki

Email the Shows:
Jupiter@Nite Email
The Linux Action Show! Email
STOked Email

IRC Client suggestions
How (and why) to set your nickname on Geekshed (link)
Mac/OSX: Colloquoy
Linux: XChat // Pidgin // Konversation
Windows: XChat // mIRC // IceChat
Connection Info

Thursday’s LIVE Call-In Event
EVERY Thursday, starting tomorrow, we will be hosting a LIVE CALL-IN period that will initiate shortly after that episode of J@N comes to a close. These will be recorded/highlighted on and it’s likely that they will end up on the new YouTube account mentioned previously.

The reasons for these call-in events are:

1) To give our audience a chance to say Hi. =)
2) To share corrections or additions regarding the content of that week’s shows.
3) To allow our audience to directly share interesting news, events, or show ideas.
A few quick notes:

Skype only! Go download the client HERE.

  • Video calls are preferred, but won’t exclusively be taken. Audio is ok, too, as long as you’ve got something interesting to share.
  • Lewd behavior, while appreciated by our hosts, will not be allowed on the live stream. Sorry!
  • If for any reason you can’t get through, please leave a voicemail or post your thoughts on our forums:


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