Nerdy Side of Love | J@N | 2.10.11

Nerdy Side of Love | J@N | 2.10.11

In this modern age of hyperconnectivity, it’s amazing that we as humans still tend to have a hard time hooking up with members of the opposite sex. In this season where love is in the air, we thought we’d cover some of the nerdier aspects of Valentine’s Day on the internet. From dating sites to MMOs, we’ve got insights into the culture of online romance.


Or it might just be a bit of fun.

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OKCupid’s “Math of Beauty

  • Sites have an incentive to encourage all users to participate, regardless of attractiveness
  • OKC’s data indicates that women that polarize opinions (hot / ugly) receive more messages and feedback than woman that are generally considered attractive but not awesome (aka, “cute”)
  • “The more men disagree about a woman’s looks, the more they (as a whole) like her.”
  • Advice: Play up your features that some men hate. Big nose? Chubby? Tattoo’d/pierced?

OKCupid bought out by

  • OKC’s blog post titled “Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating” mysteriously vanishes the same day.
  • Except for in Google’s Cache, cuz the internet is forever.

Congressman resigns over CraigsList photo

  • He shoulda used a more reputable dating site.

MMO News:  Warhammer Online and Fallen Earth feature Valentine’s Day events that focus on bloodshed and dismemberment


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