Romulans in the Dark | STOked 70

Romulans in the Dark | STOked 70

It’s time for another Featured Episode review! You’ll hear our thoughts on whether or not Cryptic has managed to bridge the gap between TOS, TNG and JJTrek universes, in the ambitious mission, “Mine Enemy.”

Before that, we’re gonna lay down a heaping helping of DAN STAHL SAID STUFF, as well as other insider news we’ve scraped together from across the interwebz.

After all that carnage is finished, it’s time to dig into a new Community Feedback segment, where we will have a brand new question for you to answer. Make your voices heard!

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Show Notes:


Ask Cryptic (February Edition)


  • Off-duty KDF uniforms will be reworked into additional customization (KDF doesn’t have a real uniform, so it makes some sense… they wear their “off duty” clothes while “on duty”)
  • “At least 5 Featured series in 2011” (MATH: 5 weekly episodes each = 25 out of 52 weeks)
  • Romulan Faction: Civil war, with sides taken (Fed vs. KDF)? (more info)
  • Skill system revamp, which may include a more limited ability to mix ships types w/ professions

First look at a TOS interior (work in progress)

MVAM Update:
will NOT be a new ship
Will be a console that fits only on all Prometheus-grade escort vessels
A behind-the-scenes pic of CapnLogan breaking the game with MVAM

STAHL SAID STUFF (Follow him! )

Stahl interviewed in UFP Herald Magazine (starts on pg. 10)
Some fleet mechanics discussed, as well as a voice for Admiral Quinn.

This thread covers a massive imbalance with Fire-at-Will as it currently applies to Beam Arrays vs. Dual Beam Banks. A great read for anyone interested in learning more about powers, and power-based math.

IMPORTANT: Foundry Downtime (approx. ONE WEEK starting Monday, Feb 14 – woah!)
Will include pathing fixes, new triggers, branching dialogue and copy/paste.


New Weekly Episode — “Mine Enemy”


Captain’s Table features/revamp ideas

This came up last week during our interview w/ Stormshade, and was again brought up in this month’s Ask Cryptic as being a current area of discussion. So NOW is the time to get your voices heard, in the hopes of influencing Cryptic’s plans to revamp or improve this specialized social area into something worth having in the game.

Send us your ideas!

Memory Alpha:


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