Old Games New Fun | J@N | 2.16.11

Old Games New Fun | J@N | 2.16.11

It seems like the modern video game industry is continually re-using old ideas to sell new video games. But they keep getting it wrong! They never remake the games we actually want to see remade!

Tonight, we’re gonna lay some TRUTH on you all, as to which games from our childhood need a second chance in the modern world of gaming. From sidescrollers to shooters, we can all imagine how EPIC they could be!

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Chris’ picks:

Ghosts ‘n Goblins
Wiki that S.
Watch that S.

Descent: FreeSpace
Wiki this sucker too!
Epic intro is epic.

Wikipedia says its amazing.
PC Game Play
GOG.com has 1 & 2 for $6.00

Deadly Tide
Lame Wiki entry is LAME.
Game play video.

Jeremy’s picks:

Dungeon Keeper 2 by Electronic Arts
A classic “top-down” strategy game that involved setting up a dungeon to lure in adventurers, and killing them.

Pretenders to the Crown:

– “Dungeons” by Kalypso Media
– “Dungeon Overlord” by Sony Online Entertainment (Facebook Game! ugh.)If you liked DK, I’d recommend “Evil Genius” by Vivendi UniversalX-COM: UFO Defense by MicroProse (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown)

A strategy game with two separate forms of gameplay: 1) Base logistics, and 2) Turn-based ground combat.Can still be bought and played via Steam, but is extremely dated.

There was also a “Pocket UFO” mobile app for Windows Mobile phones (haha…)
And two open-source adaptations: UFO: Alien Invasion and Project Xenocide

2KGames is RAPING MY CHILDHOOD with a sequel that is a First Person Shooter.
… ok, I’m kidding about the rape part. The trailer actually looks awesome.
I just wish it was a strategy game, instead of a shooter.
Gameplay starts @ 1:15

Oddworld (maybe even an MMO?)
Wing Commander 3
Maniac Mansion
Scorched Earth
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura


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