Do Me a SolydXK | LINUX Unplugged 32

Do Me a SolydXK | LINUX Unplugged 32

The co-founders of SoyldXK join us to discuss their origins, what they focus on, how they hope to make a profit, and what the future might hold.

Plus we have some “solid” AutoCAD replacements for Linux, your emails, and more!

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I used to do drafting for my family\’s business (civil engineering related) and I tried some of the solutions a while back while trying to find a cheaper alternative to AutoCAD (on Windows, but they apply here). I haven\’t used all the solutions that are present for Linux related to CAD, but I can certainly get you started.

SoyldXK Interview

  • Is SolydXK based on LMDE or inspired by LMDE? SolydXK uses Mint Tools such as the Mint Software Manager, Mint Updater, etc but is it directly based on LMDE or is it based directly on Debian?

  • What exactly is the difference between Business and Home…we can guess for the most part but the website is very obscure with the difference. For example: Business says \”Focus on Stability and Security\” and Home says \”Stable and Secure\”.

  • How does SolydXK support the Cinnamon desktop environment? Does it use It\’s own repo, pull from Mint or pull from Debian.

  • Do they offer MATE as an option and if so is it from their own Solyd Repo?

  • Does SolydX or K have custom packages that are dependent on XFCE or KDE? For example: Lets say I want to use Cinnamon or MATE in Solyd, will there be any package breakage in doing that?

  • Dat theme?

  • Scaling with their user base?

  • Revenue model

  • And much more!

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We don\’t live in that era any more.

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