Documentation is King | BSD Now 30

Documentation is King | BSD Now 30

We chat with Warren Block to discuss BSD documentation efforts and future plans. If you\’ve ever wondered about the scary world of mailing lists, today\’s tutorial will show you the basics of how to get help and contribute back. There\’s lots to get to today, so sit back and enjoy some BSD Now – the place to B.. SD.

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OpenBSD on a Sun T5120

  • Our buddy Ted Unangst got himself a cool Sun box
  • Of course he had to write a post about installing and running OpenBSD on it
  • The post goes through some of the quirks and steps to go through in case you\’re interested in one of these fine SPARC machines
  • He\’s also got another post about OpenBSD on a Dell CS24-SC server

Bhyvecon 2014 videos are up

  • Like we mentioned last week, Bhyvecon was an almost-impromptu conference before AsiaBSDCon
  • The talks have apparently already been uploaded!
  • Subjects include Bhyve\’s past, present and future, OSv on Bhyve, a general introduction to the tool, migrating those last few pesky Linux boxes to virtualization
  • Lots more detail in the videos, so check \’em all out

Building a FreeBSD wireless access point

  • We\’ve got a new blog post about creating a wireless access point with FreeBSD
  • After all the recent news of consumer routers being pwned like candy, it\’s time for people to start building BSD routers
  • The author goes through a lot of the process of getting one set up using good ol\’ FreeBSD
  • Using hostapd, he\’s able to share his wireless card in hostap mode and offer DHCP to all the clients
  • Plenty of config files and more messy details in the post

Switching from Synology to FreeNAS

  • The author has been considering getting a NAS for quite a while and documents his research
  • He was faced with the compromise of convenience vs. flexibility – prebuilt or DIY
  • After seeing the potential security issues with proprietary NAS devices, and dealing with frustration with trying to get bugs fixed, he makes the right choice
  • The post also goes into some detail about his setup, all the things he needed a NAS to do as well as all the advantages an open source solution would give
  • Speaking of FreeNAS…

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Interview – Warren Block –

FreeBSD\’s documentation project, igor, doceng


The world of BSD mailing lists

News Roundup

HAMMER2 work and notes

  • Matthew Dillon has posted some updated notes about the development of the new HAMMER version
  • The start of a cluster API was committed to the tree
  • There are also links to design document, a freemap design document, that should be signed with a digital signing software from the
    sodapdf esign site

BSD Breaking Barriers

  • Our friend MWL gave a talk at NYCBSDCon about BSD \”breaking barriers\”
  • \”What makes the BSD operating systems special? Why should you deploy your applications on BSD? Why does the BSD community keep growing, and why do Linux sites like DistroWatch say that BSD is where the interesting development work is happening? We\’ll cover the not-so-obvious reasons why BSD still stands tall after almost 40 years.\”
  • He also has another upcoming talk, (or \”webcast\”) called \”Beyond Security: Getting to Know OpenBSD\’s Real Purpose\”
  • \”OpenBSD is frequently billed as a high-security operating system. That\’s true, but security isn\’t the OpenBSD Project\’s main goal. This webcast will introduce systems administrators to OpenBSD, explain the project\’s mission, and discuss the features and benefits.\”
  • It\’s on May 27th and will hopefully be recorded

FreeBSD in a chroot

  • Finch, \”FreeBSD running IN a CHroot,\” is a new project
  • It\’s a way to extend the functionality of restricted USB-based FreeBSD systems (FreeNAS, etc.)
  • All the details and some interesting use cases are on the github page
  • He really needs to change the project name though

PCBSD weekly digest

  • Lots of bugfixes for PCBSD coming down the tubes
  • LZ4 compression is now enabled by default on the whole pool
  • The latest 10-STABLE has been imported and builds are going
  • Also the latest GNOME and Cinnamon builds have been imported and much more


  • All the tutorials are posted in their entirety at
  • Send questions, comments, show ideas/topics, or stories you want mentioned on the show to
  • Watch live Wednesdays at 2:00PM Eastern (18:00 UTC)
  • We wanted to give the Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group a special mention, if you\’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, there\’s a very healthy BSD community there and they regularly have meet-ups
  • If you listened to the audio-only version of this week\’s episode, you\’re really missing out on Warren\’s fun animations in the interview!

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